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Before your business invests in a CRM solution


What does every salesperson need?
A sales solution that gets you new customers fast!

To reduce cost even lower, Salesdart has setup a global call center affiliate network of outbound call centers that have anywhere from 25 to 250 agents run as a base with commission or incentive based models.

Through the Salesdart CRM portal, we use eLearning with certification assessments to train the agents on skills and the individual customer calling campaigns; as well we dedicate a train the trainer program to conduct onsite training. Calling campaigns can be any type of outbound calling selected by the customer.

Our overseas data intelligence team continues to index contact data for clients that are batched into the portal (CRM) for the agents to successfully target.

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Salesdart specializes in researching and providing business and executive information on executive decision-makers public, private, non-profit, and government organizations from around the world.

Our unique lead generation service provides the most targeted and timely sales leads to help improve your marketing ROI, shorten your sales cycle and grow your business.

Meet Jeff Ballantine, President of ResDev LLC
He's always on his toes. Has to be. He develops new strategies. Evaluates and implements. His business becomes the largest land purchasing organization in FL. Grows the business 300% in six months.
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Salesdart is a leading provider of sales force solutions and intelligence tools enabling organizations to leverage Sell Through as a strategic advantage. Salesdart objective is to improve their customers sales revenues, allowing sales personnel to concentrate on closing deals. Salesdart products and services support the sales organization business processes, including finding and leveraging new opportunities with a parallel information database encompassing company profiles, industries, executives, news, and intelligence.

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